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====== Fuel filter removal and installation ====== **Tools required** * Ratchet 10mm socket and extension * Pliers long nosed and normal * WD40 lubrication * 1x jack * 2x axle stands Drive the car onto a flat suitable surface and jack the rear of the car up, easiest jacking point is in the centre of the rear differential, place axle stands underneath the sills about two inches away from the wheel arch. Release the fuel pressure by opening the fuel cap and allowing the vapours to be released. Go underneath the rear of the car and remove the two rear guards there are five 10mm bolts holding these shields in place, remove both shields and put out of the way thread the bolts back into its holes a few threads. Now you can see the fuel filter it is located above the differential with two fuel lines going to it. Remove the first fuel line which is located on the drivers side of the vehicle simply remove the clip down the line and pull the hose off the fuel filter but be careful as some fuel will come out so plug the hose up with a suitable sized bolt. Next is to dismount the fuel filter there are two 10mm bolts holding it in place, you can get to these through the sub frame using a ratchet these are not the bolts that go into the chassis they go into the mounting bracket on the back of the filter undo these and the filter will come away from the bracket. Now you can remove the other fuel hose pull the clip away and pull away the hose more fuel will pour out, the filter is now totally free and you can take it out from underneath the car. Once in the light remove the fuel filter from its bracket undo the 10mm bolt on the back of the bracket make sure to take note on which way round it is mounted and fit the new one to the bracket. Install back onto the car you may use some lube to get the fuel hoses back on attach hoses and clips and bolt the fuel filter back into place not to tightly the mounts are rubber so they will flex and break. Make sure the hoses are on correctly and turn the ignition on to prime the fuel system, check underneath the vehicle for any signs of a fuel leak do this a few times just to be certain and then if all is fine then put the covers back on and place the car back on the floor start the car and your done.

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