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AEM/Mazdaspeed Cold Air Intake Install Guide (by Arnie_O)

This is not intended to be a full guide on installing an AEM/Mazdaspeed Cold Air Intake, as the instructions are quite good however some of the pictures are not exactly clear in what goes where.

These Pictures where taken Last spring (2011) when I was installing an AEM Kit on to DreRX8's motor during a pretty heavy modding session. I believe Dre got his AEM from Mad Motors for an amazing price considering everywhere else where punting them for £300 at the time.

This will be more of an image guide than a step by step walk through of everything you need to to to install it.

With the above noted lets get on to some of the information that you stepped in here for.

First of all your going to need to remove your stock Airbox these YouTube videos are a great reference:

Next the front bumper has got to go so allow you access to the main area for install. depending on what series Rx8 you have they differ slightly.

Series 1 RX-8 (2003-2008) Front Bumper Removal Guide by Orbist

Series 2 RX-8 (2008-2011) Front Bumper Removal Guide by Hypothermia

Once you got your front bumper off and the stock airbox out then you are going to want to remove the rest of the stock intake system… just take is slowly and don't rush things, specially if you got a 231 as there will be some extra items to remove.

When Disconnecting your MAF plug make sure you when reconnecting it that you tie the additional cable and plug (for the VFAD controller) away securely, do not leave it dangling as your not going to need it anymore.

When your installing your CAI leave all the hose clamps and bolts loose as first to allow you to adjust everything once its all fitted and in place then you can tighten them all up.

Well now its picture time, I am going to shut up and let the images do most of the talking.

First remove the front strengthening bar to allow better access for the final pipe part.

Reducing Rubber Hose is next up, fitted to the throttle body.

MAF Sensor Pipes next the angle of this is important

Hose Joiner and mesh screen.

Another Mesh screen goes in.

Now is when the funny looking bump coupler goes in.

Now for the Beautiful bend… Make sure you get the spacers in the correct places for the bolts.

Fit your Filter and optional AEM sock connect your vacuum lines up to the intake,

Fit MAF sensor and reassemble….


All pictures taken by DreRX8 and poorly edited by myself.


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