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Manx Classic 2006

Right then just thought i would post up information about the first ever competition i have entered and it was hillclimb event.

Firstly i was entered in a class were the competitors consisted of caterham's, ginetta, classic lancia fulvia and a evo 8.

The event was held over 3 days.

The first event was held in douglas on part of the the tt circuit called brae hill,it ran from the bottom of brae hill to the tt grandstand which was about 6/10ths of a mile.

I have to say the organisation was abit off but i found out it had been some time since the last time it was held(foot and mouth) so had what you might call teething problems.

This wasn't a major problem because all the different cars participating was some what varied so kept myself occupied.

Now then on the start line it all became very interesting as up until then never realised there was so many people spectating which for me made it even more exciting, and of course you can imagine watching other cars go up the hill so thought i hope i dont launch badly.

I didn't and so off i went up the hill all i remember was green light and off i went as this was only a practice run they would be timing it but wouldnt count as not a official timed run so all i did was to treat it as a that so went up and get my bearings as to where the car should be unfortunately it was to be my only run up brae hill but looking back was incredible to be able to drive past houses at speeds of around 100mph legally.

What was a shame was the fact that i crossed the line in 29 sec and the winner did it in 27 so i am thinking that had i not let off before the chequered flag i may have been not lost so much speed and could of done better.

The second day which was at jurby was disastrous for me but the best part of the day was the weather as was all 3 days.

The third day was along the start of the mountain part of the tt in ramsey which once again was incredible and by now i think the organising side was superb and in this event i finished 3rd which was a big surprise. This event i heard but no sure is the biggest or longest hillclimb in GB.

The length of this event was 2 1/2 km which took me 79 seconds which I would like to point out that was faster than dodge viper, bmw m3 gtr and a few ford gtd40.

Anyway i have posted a few pics and a video on my website the video is on my signature under mrc and called title 001 if you would like to see some pics. The pictures were supplied by paul hardiman which might get into a magazine which would be good.

And finally would definitely like to thank manx motor racing club for organising a great event.

Roll on next year!


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