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AutoSolo, Newbury (Berks) - 10 Oct 2004

I entered this in my FD. It was run by Dolphin Motor Club, with some help from Farnborough District Motor Club.

It was run at Greenham Common, an old airfiield. If you dont know what AutoSolo is, they mark out a short course with cones, and you run one at a time against the clock. The US equivalent of “Solo II”. The speeds are relatively, low, 1st and 2nd gear only.

There were all sorts of cars, Escort, Golf, Pug GTi's, etc. About 35 or 40 cars, I suppose. Of course I was the only Rotary there!

There were, of course, a Caterham and a Westfield.

Now, last time I did an AutoSolo, someone here (Robbie?) said an FD was not the right car for this event. Let me tell you what happened!

I was the fastest in my class consistently, and the 2 fastest car there! Only the Westie was faster. Unfortunately I got lost twice (missed cones) so scored a penalty score for 1 of the 4 races. That put me last in my class, and 17th overall.

At least 2nd place went an MX-5!

If I had not missed the cones, I would have finished the day 1st in class and 2nd Overall!

Now, I cant wait for the next one!


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