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Philip Gooriah's CCC Speed Championship

From a CCC meet Sat. 24/05/03

REAL GOOD day yesterday, my rotary posted times that got noticed by a few people - hehe.. A few notes from the day, it's a bit long, but use what you like as a race report - if you would like a report after each sprint I would be happy to do so..

1st sprint of season was time to put “blood/Sweat n Tears” efforts to the test - Goodwood presented all 107 competitors with some warm weather, gentle breeze and luckily the rain stayed away. Geff & Chris came down to watch & support their creation.

FYI - In 2002 I got a Class 11 win using mod. twins/350fwHP/DO1Js with a best of 97.79s (5 secs better than previous PB)

With car sorted, I posted a new P.B (same format as 2002, but w/MoTeC M800, T51R & 408RWHP, got Class 11 win & 3rd FTD!)

Practice: 93:77s (no mistakes, got used to car, clean practice - 145mph down Lavant straight)

Run 1: 92.83s (4th gear, 8,100 rpm out of Madgewicks, big handful exiting Lavant corner on full boost, lost 20+mph top speed but still linked all other corners better to get a geat P.B)

Run 2: 93.07s (as for Run1, I was warned about blowing meters around circuit, in response tried to cruise past flyby traps, so slower, but still blew meters & in back of mind I was kinda heeding a warning from Glen Keirl's V12 Jag whacking a tyre wall and coming off with a heap of damage to fix).

The competitors.. Plant brothers (Class 11) in their rapid RS200/2000? on slicks got 94++s Only Tony Birch in his Radical ClubSport (92s down to 89s) & Adrian DesSoutter in his Reynard Dunnell Zetec (FTD - 82s) were quicker than me, most Respect to getting 82s around Goodwood - that is quick! Other cars that saw the power of the rotary were a GTD40 R32(500BHP was 2 secs slower), other race cars (Van Diemen, Hawke, Jedi, Reynard), Evo7 Extreme, Scooby P1, caterams, other turbos, etc..

107 other runners in total yesterday, would it be unreasonable to say thats a good “104 kils in a day”?

Think it could be said the RX7 laid down some authority, very rapid, drives so well and sounds awesome.

I would like to give a big thank-you to RE:Worx for their Support on track and providing a winning formulae.



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