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Dave Nixon and Stacy Vickers results from Silversone (16 Aug 2003)

At the weekend Dave Nixon and Stacy Vickers raced at Silverstone.

In the post historic touring cars (pre 1974) Dave qualified in 4th place behind two Camaro's and an Escort rs 2000,and then in the race off the line he got up to second,after a lap he was down to third with only two Camaro's in front.

The race was stopped on lap 3 due to a racing incident which was duly cleared up then the race was restarted and Dave held third place until one of the Camaro's dropped out and so he inherited second place which he maintained until the finsh.This gave Dave a class win,so well done Dave.

In the Group one touring car race Stacy qualified in second place behind the Jaguar XJS V12 of Brian Stevens. Stacy got the lead immediately off the line and held the position comfortably for the whole race with no real threats from anyone.

Well done to Stacy and his crew for a very well prepared car.

It was good to see some members there, John, Martin and Merryl.

I think they enjoyed it, maybe some more would like to come and support Dave and Stacy in the future.

Sorry I did not say goodbye but I had to shoot off.

Kind regards


Yes, nice to meet you, John. Meryl and I tootled up there for about 11.30. Amazingly, it was quiet, and we could drive right up to the pits, and later even parked our car with Dave. We watched practice a bit from the pit wall, and then set about finding the Mazdas. To our horror we cam across a whole lot of racing 2CVs!!!!

First we spotted the Orange RX-7 of Stacy Vickers and went and had a look. We didnt know what Stacey looked like, and there were 3 people standing by the open bonnet, who wouldnt budge when I tried to get a closer look. We then set off for Dave Nixon, and spotted Ray, his son, first. Then we saw Carl and Dave. Ray was working inside the car. Seems the car was a bit down on power, and Dave had qualified 4th on the grid. Everybody was friendly to us, what a great atmosphere.

Then the race proper, and Dave managed to get up to 3rd before the 1st corner. Behind 2 Comaros, with only 5l engines! Not bad for an 1100, eh? A string of 2 litre escorts were behind Dave, with one really close! The race was stopped on lap 2 for a restart. John French had arrived by now. We were all biting our nails, hoping the Mazda engine would start while on the grid!

Anyway they restarted, and Dave was 4th this time, I think, but managed to get up to 3rd again. We were shouting and waving, and that motor sounded beautiful, I can tell you. Then one of the Comaros broke down, so its up to 2nd! Of course it was 1st in class, and 25 entries in his class, by the way! Thats where Dave finished, a very pleasant result, when he and Carl knew the engine was down on power a little.

Then Dave was a long time coming back to the pit because he was being interviewed. But then, shock! - he arrived only to tell us that the scrutineers had sealed the engine! This means you cannot strip the engine unless a scrutineer is around. The scrutineer wants to check if you have broken any class rules. Now the class rules are: Original size engine must be fitted, and you may add or remove metal. The carburettor must be the same one originally fitted.

So, you can see without stripping a Rotary wether there is cheating or not. Its just a case of measuring the housing, and a vusual check to see there is no peripheral port, and a Nikki carb fitted. So, we thought it a bit of a joke. Whats a srutineer going to look for inside anyway? Skimmed pistons? Double head gasket? Dave made them see sense much later in the afternoon, and they measured the housings and left it at “ we'd like to see the inside of that engine sometime”. We dont think it was Rotary victimisation, as some other cars had their engines sealed, too.

Next it was Stacey's turn. Turns out that the Comaro that broke down from Dave's race was on pole,and would not make the start. This put Stacey in pole position! We went to watch on the grass bank at Copps. On lap one, stacey came round in front , and we cheered!! Meryl overheard someone near us say “What? A Mazda?? How can a Mazda be in front??” He is lucky I didnt hear him because I would been straight over there and said “Yes, and by the way, its an 1100, beating that V12 Jag!”. There were also some Rovers in there, too. Stacey's car sounded sweet, too, and after a while the Jag backed off a bit, and Stacey could take it relatively easy, and win! Apparently, with some diff problems, too.

Caught up with him later after the race. What a top, friendly bloke, and seemed very pleased that we had come to support the Mazda's. He said he chose the Mazda partly because it would not cost “silly money” to run it. When we looked at the car, it has been immaculately prepared. Well done, Stacey.

We headed home at about 5. What a great day out, nice to see Dave, Ray and family, Carl and partner, JohnF, and Stacey. It was also Dave's birthday, by the way!

Next race would have been yesterday (24 August), I would like to hear the result, anyone, please.

I can highly recommend a trip to the track to see what the Rotary does best… humiliate cars twice their size! Go and introduce yourself to Dave and Stacey, and you might see us there. I will post up when I am going to the next one. A thouroughly enjoyable day.


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