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Dave Nixon and Stacy Vickers results at BARC Mallory Park (June 2003)

I have been asked by Clive to put up the results for our two rotary racers in the BARC.

Dave Nixon qualified on pole at Mallory park in the Post historic touring cars and then in the race he came first in class and second overall only to a Camaro.The race wasn't without incident though as after 6 laps the race was stopped as Daves brother Chris had a bad crash in which he wasn't hurt but the car was damaged front and rear.Chris races a Ford Escort RS 2000.

Upon the restart Dave had fuel vapourisation probs again so fell down the field but was able in the remaining 6 laps to claw his way back to 2nd place at the finish for his class win.

Meanwhile in the Group 1 touring car race Stacey Vickers in his first gen RX7 easily got pole and won his race outright,beating opposition such as a Jag XJS v 12,very commendable.

I would strongly encourage any one to attend one of these races as it is mighty impressive to see the rotaries dominance against such cars as Mustangs Capris Rovers Jags and Camaro's.

Maybe either Dave or Stacy would like to put up their thoughts on the race.

Kind regards,


I was at Mallory on sunday and was treated to some fantastic rotary action.The orange RX-7 of Stacy Vickers simply dominated the race and looked a very well sorted and prepared machine.Pip@ WGT has done a brilliant job on that car.

I was standing for most of the day by the new chicane and what a great place it was to spectate with many cars overshooting the braking point and going straight on or almost cutting the corner out completely driving over the grassy section with loads of spins and oversteery fun,certainly kept the crowds happy!!

The RX-3 was also brilliant to watch,very quick car with an idle note unlike anything I've ever heard before on a rotary,is that thing bridgeported?? The sound of it on full chat just feet away from me coming round from Devils Elbow is something i'll remember for quite some time,amazing!

On the whole it was fantastic to see some rotarys racing for the first time.



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