Author Topic: Pair of hubcentric wheelspacers 25mm thick x 114.3 5-stud PCD complete with nuts  (Read 290 times)

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For sale - a pair of 25mm thick hubcentric wheel spacers originally from DM Motorsport and very little used - really only to assess wheel and tyre clearance before committing to bigger wheels on my FD, which is sadly now long gone  :(

The spacers fit directly onto the original wheel hub with 67mm diameter recess in rear face, then 67mm diameter rim on front face takes the wheel.  Innermost centre bore is 50mm diameter.  Overall diameter is 150mm. 

The studs are M12 x 1.5mm with 28.5mm exposed from the face of the hub. 
Factory studs should fit within the depth of these spacers.
PCD is 5x114.3. 
10 steel nuts are included.
Each spacer weighs 1.148kg including 5 nuts.

Believe they will fit all sorts of Mazdas but you'll need to do your own research - or buy them for the bargain price of £25 including postage just to see.  Please message on here or call me on 07956 509 624 if you'd like them.  I just need the space. :icon_thumleft: