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  • (CANX) Yakushi Japanese Car Meet: British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Sunday 26 July (WAS 26 APRIL): July 26, 2020

Author Topic: (CANX) Yakushi Japanese Car Meet: British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Sunday 26 July  (Read 2061 times)

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Sadly, due to the current covid-19 restrictions, the RX-8 OC have decided, quite rightly IMHO, not to have a stand at this event.

The RX-8 OC will be refunding anyone who paid for a ticket.

As far as I'm aware, the show will go on, undoubtedly with some restrictions, especially wrt museum visits.

There is nothing to stop an individual attending by purchasing a ticket direct, just no club stand or group attendance  :(
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***Attention Everyone***

In view of the current situation the Club will not be attending Yakushi due to the Social Distancing Rules from Covid19, it has therefore been decided to cancel this Event within the RX-8OC :(

Those of you who have paid within the Club Shop have been reimbursed the price of your ticket(s) :icon_thumleft:

If you still want to attend the Event, then it will be up to yourselves to make the necessary arrangements for this year :( 

Once again am sorry we have reached this decision, but a lot of it is out of our hands and we also have to consider your welfare :icon_thumright:

RX-8OC Events Coordinator
Nigel - GSB-TDU