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Fitting a series 2 rear axle to an fb

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Chris shrewsbury:
Has anyone fitted a fc rear end to an fb if anyone has any info that would be great

When you get the car you will find that fitting a T11 suspension/ axle assembly will be a huge undertaking.

The axle under the car will get the car up and running then maybe look at something like an american  8" axle which should be found at  an Amercan car breakers over here. Or perhaps a 3 litre Capri axle which may do.
The axle will need some proper engineering with the axle narrowed and half shafts shortened then brackets made to adapt your suspension links.       

re japi:
Bro put FDs whole rear subframe, suspension, diff and so on to his FB...

Massive job, original frame had to be cutted cause he made basically subframe to FDs subframe. They all are bolted it to custom made frame. Also, shock towers are heavily modified.

My opinion is that there is no need to do that if you dont have really good reason, like building a race car. As for street, stiff rear is still ok, and gives you better traction off the line if its made correctly...

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re japi:
I dont have any better pics of it...

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Jamie R:
Excellent bit of fabrication skills !  :sign0098:


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