Author Topic: £179- Exclusive Rotary Track Day for 7s Day on 5th July 2019 at Blyton Park  (Read 544 times)

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After the success of the track day last August which a RX-7 owners participated in, Magnitude Events has secured a day at Blyton Park on 5th July 2019 solely for rotary car owners. There are about 11 cars signed up so far with a mix of FDs and RX-8s, and we will allow 24 cars total.

The event costs £179 and will be reduced to £160 if we sell out by 1st June (people will be refunded £19). It is open to ALL rotary cars no matter how old or whether a 13b is swapped into something else!

The ticket price includes the track day in club format (only 6 cars on track at a time so you don't need to worry about traffic!), breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks, free photos and tuition. Quite a deal compared to your standard track day that isn't rotary exclusive.

Guest/passenger entry is £25 and if you want to bring a friend as an extra driver it is £40, meaning you can attend the day even if your car won't be leaving your garage!

Noise limit is 95 dB drive-by but they don't generally check unless your car is stupidly loud.

Blyton is a nice circuit that isn't very hard on your car and has nothing to hit so this event will also be a good way to introduce yourself and your car to a circuit and experience it's performance.

We intend to do some video work, record laps, etc.and share the day across the UK rotary forums and Facebook pages.

I hope we will see you there! Any questions, just ask below.

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12 Nov 17
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