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E21 BMW 313i

313i??? Well its running a 13B Renesis from and RX8

More pics

one more

Made a mental list of all the cars i think could be simply renny swapped last
Old Mazda b2500 single cab...renny repu relica...
Mk1/mk2 mx5.
Mx5 mk3...very straightforward.
Starlet Kp60.
Volvo 340.
Then got me thinking about my Colt gti Ca...its the same chassis as an evo 1 2 3 so tunnel is shaped for a prop!..
Renny RWD mitsi colt..!
And then the Proton Jumbuck sprung to mind as Proton satira and jumbucks are same and old mitsi tooling...
Money no object id do a rx7 single tub fd3s silohuette racer.

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I looked at doing a Triumph Spitfire (Chatted with Essex Rotary about this one at length) Sadly the proposed spitfire 2was too far gone to be within the realms of fixable


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