Author Topic: Series 8 or not Series 8  (Read 313 times)

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Series 8 or not Series 8
« on: April 30, 2018, 11:26:52 AM »
Hi, I am starting to look for a FD, after doing some research, it seem the major improvement were done to the cooling.
I will most like to keep it stock, with minimum modification and likely keeping the twin turbo for better torque, should I look for series 8 simply due to the cooling improvement?
or the improvement is insignificant, and new radiator, oil cooler is a must no matter it is series 8 or 7
and in-terms of budget how much should i expect for a series 8 and 7, I have look up in torque GT and some Japan auction, it get very confusing, as i found they all have similar milage all type RS, all 3.5 grading, but the vary from 16 to 25k

thanks for the help