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50th Anniverary t-shirts now available to buy

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Due to technical issues in uploading  these to the club shop, if you wish to buy one the t-shirts please buy direct via the PayPal link, if possible please could you make payment to "Friends & Family" as this way MRC will not deducted a further3.5% for PayPal fees!

Celebrating 50th years of the Rotary Engine: - 1967 to 2017

Available in 3 different designs as below.  Please note that the Blue t-shirts are Royal Blue with either the 2 colour print as shown and for the 1 colour print the lettering and design is White.

Please also see size chart

Malcolm was modelling the Large size. ;)  We sold many t-shirts at Rotarystock last week and everyone was pleased with the quality and design.

Cost is £15.00 per t-shirts with £2.50 for delivery within the UK  total cost £17.50 Please state t-shirt style and size on PayPal order.
together with your address details.

If ordering overseas, cost will be £20.00

We have the following available:-

2 colour print ( White & yellow logo)

5 x Med
14 x Large
8 x XL
6 x 2XL

1 colour print ( White lettering and logo) - Not blue as shown in the image.

6 x small
8 x Med
18 x Large
4 x XL
4 x 2XL

Black T-shirts:-

5 x Med
6 x Large
6 x 2XL

Any issues with ordering, please let me know. Thank You

T-shirts are now selling and sizes available will be updated as they sell.

So if you do not what to miss out, don't forgot to order yours  :icon_thumright:

1 x 1 colour sapphire in medium and 1 x black in medium ordered via paypal.



Thanks Alex - posted today.

Just giving this a bump, disappointing that only one person from MRC has bought these t-shirts.  Have sold loads on the RX-8OC. :sign0098:

All details are in the first post should you wish to buy.


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