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50th Rotary Annivsary t-shirts

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Thought it was time we had some new t-shirts and in view of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Engine  I have kindly had two designs to print.

Before I go and get them printed and to keep this simple I am going with 3 colours, Sapphire, Black, White or (Ash) The Sapphire blue is in keeping with the Mazda blue 

This is a very good quality t-shirt that will wash and wear for years to come.

Please also see size chart

Please let me know the following before I place an order.

Design 1 or 2
Colour:- Sapphire, Black, White or Ash
Size as per size chart

Please let me have your choices by the end of the month in order that I can get these printed in readiness for those of us going to Rotarystock in Holland may wish to buy them.

Please note that these are not on the club shop.  Once ordered, I will post that they are then on the shop to buy, at the moment, I am trying to gauge an interest.

re japi:
I would like to have:
1 mens XL, 1 mens L, 1 children L
All white, design 1

Cheers Japi

Hi you can put me down for two  XL, and one 2XL
All in ash design 1

I will have 2 off XL in design 1 Sapphire. thanks

Well done Lisa  :13:

Put me down for 1 men's large, design 1, 2 colour Sapphire. Thx.


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