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Afternoon chaps,

So decided to get an RX8. Left a deposit on it. It's low mileage, superb condition throughout  and having checked over the paperwork all seemed ok.

Emailed a specialist that's had the car in before, and was told that the engine has been rebuilt due to a cracked seal. I wasn't told this and the paperwork wasn't there.  The dealer more than likely doesn't know.

Should I be happy it's had a rebuild, or should it put us off?

Thanks in advance..

I think id be happy its had a rebuilt but i would be slightly miffed like yourself as to where the paperwork has gone....i think id still buy it but i would like a compression test and an engine warranty.
Can we know who the dealer is ?

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It's the pricey evolve on eBay....  lol....

Only got it because it's really clean and mileage.. plus I miss my 7..

I'm thinking previous owner wanted the most for it in trade  and thought rebuild would lower value? I don't know.

Exact opposite on a rotary...rebuild aids sale...havent seen the ad.
Its not good when doubt is put in your mind. Do you know what rebuild it had and where....thats what id want to know and make a decision from there.
As your aware theres rebuilds and then theres rebuilds...

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Got a link...if its sl06....not a lot to worry about that 1...looks like a excellent way to start rx8 ownership.

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