Author Topic: Loads of Mazda and some universal parts. mostly RX-4/929  (Read 940 times)

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Loads of Mazda and some universal parts. mostly RX-4/929
« on: October 06, 2016, 08:40:28 PM »
prices are listed behind the items, and are in EURO. shipping not included
parts located in The Netherlands

pictures and more info through PM please

Bosch injector 550CC with EV1 pigtail connector 2x   15 each
Bosch injector 750CC with EV1 pigtail connector 2x   15 each
Ground zero 4 channel amplifier 1x         20
Hydraulic handbrake cylinder 1x         10
Ignition resistor 0,22 1x               2
Ignition resistor 0,27 1x               2
Low profile wheel valves set            10
Oil cooler 30row               20.
Seatbelt mounting eye-bolt 11x            2 each
Seatbelt mounting hook 4x            5 each
Other items:
NOS Mazda 818 quarter panel emblem 1x      100
NOS Mazda 2ton jack without handle 1x      50
Bonnet lock merc front 76-78 LHD 1x         25
License illumination bracket merc front 76-78?      20
Right hand side mirror               30
Shiftknob 4-speed black 1x            30
Steeringwheel Mazda               75
Workshop manuals:
Workshop manual RX-4/RX-5 engine         30
Workshop manual RX-4/929 chassis         30
Workshop manual RX-4            30
Mazda RX-7 FC
Aluminium jack with handle 1x            25
MFR front diff mount 1x               50
S5 OMP 1x                  10
Shiftknob 1x                  5
visco fan 1x                  20

Mazda 929/RX-4 LHD specific:
NOS cowl panel 1x                40
Cover between speedo and tacho 1x         15
Cowl panel 1x                  15
Steering column cover right lower side 1x      20   
Throttle cable 2x               5 each

Mazda 929/RX-4 RHD specific:
Blower unit including vents complete (no knobs) 1x   75
Cowl panel red 1x                15
Steering box 1x                  30
Steering rod 1x                  5
Throttle cable 1x               10
Throttle pedal 1x               5
Mazda 929 specific:
Air filter with hose and bracket 1x         20   
Engine mount bracket right hand side 1x      5
Fan shroud 2x                  25 each
Quarter panel emblems restored         50
NOS Fuse box 1x               40
Mazda 929/RX-4 NOS:
Bumper corner piece front left 1x         100
Bumper bracket right rear 1x            20
Front turn signal unit left 2x            50 each
Front stone tray 1x                300
Reproduction side indicators with lights set      50
Mazda 929/RX-4 generic (USED ITEMS):
Armrest brown front left 1x            10 each            
Armrest brown front right 2x            10 each
Armrest insert front left (curved) 1x         5
A-pillar trim brown left 1x            10
Brake/clutch pedal rubber 2x   s         10 each
Bootlid hinge complete 1x            20
Blue Jack with handle 1x            40
Bumper corner piece rear left 2x         10 each      
Bumper corner piece rear right 4x         10 each
Center cap 7x                  10 each
Coolant overflow tank 2x            10 each
Door handle surround white line 4x         10 each
Door handle surround black 1x            5
Door handle inner left 1x            15
Door handle inner right 1x            15
Door handle outer 2x               20 each   
Door hinge set left 1x               25
Door hinge set right 2x               25 each
Door lock mechanism left side 2x         10 each
Door lock mechanism right side 1x         10
Door rubber end piece left rear 2x         10 each
Door rubber end piece front (left or right?) 1x       10
Eyebrow trim front left 2x            15 each
Flasher relais 2x               10 each
Fuel level sensor 1x               10
Fuel evaporation tank 1x            20
Fuel tank 1x                  20
Fuel lid 2x                  40 each
Headlight buckets complete set 1x         50
Headlight locking cover with spring 4x         5 each
Interior dome light 1x               5
Reverse lights set (1 fitting broken off) 1x      10
Pedal box 1x                  30      
Rear bumper with small dent 1x            20
Rear bumper with small hole 1x             20
Rear bumper bracket set 1x            20
Rear side trim panels light brown set         150
Rooflining brown with holes for seatbelt          100
Seatbelts 3-point set 1x               75
Several original gauges               10 each
Shiftknob 4-speed scratched pattern 1x         30
Side reflectors rear set 1x            20
Sill trim right rear damaged (bent) 1x         10
Sill trim front right 1x               15
Sill trim center piece 2x   (too long to ship)      20 each
Steering column 1x               30
Taillight rubber 6x               5 each
Toolbag black empty 1x               50
Toolbag white with some tools 1x         75
Turn signal front left 1x               30
Turn signal front right 1x            30
Turn signal front right without connector 1x      20
Window winder black 1x            5
Window winder silver insert 1x            10
Window regulator front left 1x            20
Window regulator front right 1x            20
Window guide rear quarter window left 1x      10
Window guide in door left rear 1x         10
Window guide in door right front 1x         10
Window guide in door left front 2x         10
Window guide in door rear right 1x         15

Lots of small materials like cable fasteners, locking pins, clips etc etc