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Own a 74 mazda rotary pickup I bought new in 1975, had inquearys about selling


Hi all
I drove my 74 Mazda Rotary Pickup to where it has been sitting for a while now. It needs to be restored soon or will rapidly start going down hill, at age 75, I won't be getting around to restoring her just for fun as I had intended. Never intended to sell but some recent inquiries has lead me to a point of thinking about selling it to the right person, but I don't have any Idea what the asking price should be. Looks rough but never wrecked and body is straight with little rust. I would expect it to take a couple of hours to get her running and moving, not road worthy but running fairly good, but derivable. Realize that asking for a fair price will be a best guess, only based on the limited info I have provided but perhaps someone could suggest a fare starting point of what I could use as a fare beginning point for those who know much more than I what the true value might be. The other option would be to keep her and restore it myself, an option is I could recover my money with a little return for labor. On offer was $200 site unseen and I rejected it, but the guy is going to drive a 140 mile round trip to look it over and maybe do some trading. Color is the original Green.
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Have not learned how to correct a post with an edit so here is the correction; I bought a 1974 Mazda Rotary Pickup new in 1975, not 65.
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