Author Topic: Any FD owners in Warwicshire, who can spare some time to show his car  (Read 1110 times)

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Hi all,

I been looking into FD for a while, doing research reading, etc. So it is getting to the point where I want get one as weekend/project car. But issue is i have never been in one ,  have seen them around and they look and sound awesome. Also dont want to waste anybodies time who is selling one if I am not planing to it yet. After some research some people say that FD is not very comfortable for taller person which I am 6.2 this is my main concern will I feel comfortable in it. ;D

So is there anybody in Warwickshire ( I live in Coventry)  who could spare some time to show his car and let me try sit in it, this would be very appreciated. :)