Author Topic: 20B Injector seals and fuel rail  (Read 806 times)

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20B Injector seals and fuel rail
« on: January 17, 2016, 09:26:09 PM »
Hey guys,
I am currently redoing all the fuel system on my 20B and fitting 1680 Bosch injectors, primary and secondary. Although it is a 20B largely I think the same issue would be had on a 13B so hopefully someone can help!
I have a billet primary fuel rail and some injector spacers/reducers to go in the engine but I have nothing for the secondaries as yet.
I was going to mod the stock one with some AN fittings each end until I realised the holes for the OEM injectors are too small for the Bosch ones.
I come up with some questions having stripped out the stock rails today.
I have included some pictures of what I have stripped out and wondered if anyone could confirm some things before I damage or remove something I shouldn't!

After removing the stock injectors are took out the rubber seal they sit directly on to find underneath there looks to be some other kind of seal or something? The seals I removed are in the bag in the picture below. One of the spacers/reducers I have to fit is also pictured with the o-ring on it. It looks like I need to pull out the bit I can see down inside the injector hole to be able to fit this properly. Is that correct?

I managed to get these second seals out of the secondary injector holes after a bit of a faff to see they are some strange plastic flow control or something. I got a picture of one below as well.
The ones under the primary injectors look like they might be similar but it is very hard to tell and I cannot seem to get them to move and I don't want to force it just in case something breaks and drops down or they need to stay in place! Please can someone advise?!

Also regarding the injector spacer/reducers I have seen two types. The type I have with the O-ring and a type that has no o-ring or step in the body. Just a plain short bit of tube? I presume the latter are a press fit but don't like the idea of no seals.. Can you use the sealed type for both primary and secondary injectors or will it not work and I need the plain set anyway for the secondary injectors?

Thanks in advance.