Author Topic: £100 off an RX-8 Racing Beat race V2 cat back exhaust system  (Read 717 times)

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Due to over ordering we have a lightweight Racing-Beat-race-V2-cat-back-exhaust-system-with-extended-tip-for R3 2009 on models however this can be adapted to fit an 03-08 car buy trimming the bottom of the shroud.

Normal Delivered retail £617.99 / yours for just £500 delivered.

This Racing Beat RX-8 Race Exhaust System V2 with 3" bore and extended tip is a lightweight exhaust system that is intended for race applications but is still quiet enough for comfortable road use and has been designed to meet a race track-imposed sound limit.

The Racing Beat Race Exhaust System has been designed to offer a significant weight reduction over the stock RX-8 system, compare the following:

While louder than the stock system, particularly under full throttle, this exhaust system can be used for those looking for a very aggressive exhaust tone for their daily-driven RX-8. A modest driving technique will produce a moderate and tolerable exhaust tone, but jump on the throttle and this exhaust really comes to life.

This stainless exhaust system comes with all required mounting hardware.

If you wish to buy simply send the £500 via paypal to
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Re: £100 off an RX-8 Racing Beat race V2 cat back exhaust system
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2015, 10:13:28 AM »
Hi Clive, I did see it and was seriously tempted! and had a look on your website for a standard option. Ive got to keep it real with this car as it only cost £500.00!  just after budget cheap fun as Westory needs the money instead i just cant drive it atmo.  This current exhaust is so loud its like a manifold blow!
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