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Family day at Urjala
« on: October 11, 2015, 07:36:15 AM »
Ok. Lada was asked to join to town called Urjala, local gas station owner held a family day. So we went:

Aaw, she is so pretty and shiny ;)

Rallycrossers: SRC group Beemer with Volvo engine and SuperCar

Both cars have battle scars :)

This Merc actually was original Ludvig DTM racer, now restored

Historic group Golf. Engine bay has lots of shiny, expensive and rare go fast parts

Quite nice Ford.. Wait, what do I see behind it... :)

Original MRT 323 Mazda! One of the first ones ever built... Car was made to one of the fastest girls on planet, Minna Sillankorva. She raced MRT Groub B RX-7 before this car. She actually is local, and my idol. :)

After Minna, this car went to guy called Janne who raced it too. After that, it was in barn for 15 years. Restoring it took 4 years.

Amazing thing about this car is that EVERY part is original. Drivers door had been changed, and thats it. This might be most original MRT car in the world. Dude went to Belgium to get that license plate! :)

This car was actually made for Minna by MRTE. And it has first ever XTrac gearbox fitted to a rallycar. Car is simply stunning
Few more pics here
Info about Minna
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