Author Topic: Desperate help with Automatic gearbox wiring to a TCU, 1 last problem to solve.  (Read 260 times)

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Any automatic gearbox experts out there??

Trying to wiring in cosmo auto gearbox (RE4R03a?) to a TCU, doing well, I have identified everything on the gearbox, mainly due to the wiring diagram from the 300Zx because they are similar gearboxes.  There is however 1 difference that has stopped me in my tracks, the valve body is common to the RX7 (RE4R01?) and as such has an extra solenoid, labelled up as Lock up Control, in addition to the standard lockup solenoid that is engages the torque converter lockup. 

I am trying to identify under what circumstances do I need to active this solenoid, e.g same time as the other solenoid, or is it some sort of variable lock up control system where it engages it with different pressure under different load.

I am now stuck!  I have literally spammed googled searching for an answer, but I can not find one!.