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I couldn't resist the opportunity to pick up a another Series 2 FB that desperately needed a new home. She's the same colour as my current KIMI and the reg plate is very similar. Only 40,500 miles on the clock, but some rust issues to sort. I hope she will be restorable and I end up with a pair of near identical FB's  :)

Pic of her after being winched onto the transporter I hired today to bring her down to Essex from Leicester;

and a pic from a better angle;

re japi:
Wow, nice one, good find :)


Looks good on the surface

Thanks guys. I know the previous owner has had some welding done on "usual weak spot"; the passenger side lower-rear suspension mount area. He loved the car, so has tried to take good care and has liberally greased the underneath..... I'm away for 2 weeks now, so won't get a chance to do a thorough inspection for a while. First action will be to check/change fluids, ignition components, put in some fresh fuel and fire the engine up to temp.

The clutch slave has failed - familiar territory as that happened to KIMI and was a easy fix.

I sincerely hope she is salvageable as a runner, but I paid (probably less than) scrap value, so she's be good for spare parts if the tin-worm turns out to be too extensive. One good items I spotted - she has a quality looking stainless steel exhaust fitted, which cost over £1000 when fitted....

Nice find indeed...your starting an FB rescue centre ;D


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