Author Topic: I'm looking for an FD...or an R32...or an Evo X  (Read 3109 times)

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Re: I'm looking for an FD...or an R32...or an Evo X
« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2015, 12:12:30 PM »
id then would go the decent paint 1. mileage on a fd does not concern me its maintenance or lack off....who seemed the most passionate owner and there reasons for selling a big factor as well.
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Re: I'm looking for an FD...or an R32...or an Evo X
« Reply #16 on: July 02, 2015, 11:20:19 AM »
I know this post is a couple of months old now so don't know if your dilemma is sorted. But just to chuck my opinions into the mix.
I have a 2000 FD Type RB Special edition, I’ve owned it since 2005 and I’m the 3rd UK owner. I like you was torn between the RX7, an Evo (VI at the time) but also a Lancia Delta Intergrale a GTO (or 3000GT in the UK) and an NSX. I'll get to the skyline in a minute. I ruled out the NSX as too expensive, the GTO/3000GT as too heavy and the Intergrale...... although I’m kicking myself about the investment potential, i couldn't get past the rust/reliability/only left hand drive issues I also wanted to be able  to drive it occasionally without fear of it falling to bits. So it left me with an Evo or RX7.

The reason I discounted the Skyline was both my Brother and best friend both had UK (only 100 made) R33 GTR's. They are the most insane cars with brutal midrange torque. My brothers had HKS filters, a Turbo back exhaust system, race spec HKS intercooler, AP Racing Clutch and running 1 bar of boost, I estimate it was pushing 400hp it also had the biggest set of brakes I’ve seen squeezed into standard 17" wheels, AP Racing 6 pots, they were so close to the wheel that it left a clean line in the inside of the wheel rim where the wheel went past the calliper, didn't touch though, just very close.
My Best mates was lowered, filters, turbo back exhaust and a short shifter.

I decided on an RX7 for the looks and rarity value and was lucky to pick mine up at 5 years old with only 23000 miles on it, now at 15 years old it’s still only got 30000 on it and is pretty standard apart from RX8 wheels, lowered and a cat back exhaust, but i have all the standard parts to return it if necessary.

The reason i went into detail about mods is this, it depends on what mods you do, and what you’re looking for from the car, to what you buy. i loved my brothers skyline, nothing beats the thrill of him driving, me in the passenger seat and his GF in the back and an Impreza covered in rally stickers trying to have a go and getting blasted into the weeds and disappearing out of sight within half a mile, it was insane, but if we were to drag race the weight was an issue, up to about 60mph, the order would have always been me, my mate, my bro, once it lifted its skirt and got on boost the GTR's would go past and then from 100+ my Brothers would just keep pulling like a train until it hit the speed limiter like a brick wall. It also handled like it was on rails and the electronics helped it round tight corners at speed that my RX7 would be wagging its tail around, however i could always catch/pull away out the corners due to the weight and the fact that the GTR wasn't on boost. which goes to show how good the RX7 is, I was standard, giving away 4wd, 4ws and 100+ hp and yet the sequential turbo set up meant that from 1500rpm I was on boost and away before the GTR could blink.

If you’re after short, point to point bursts (track day), go for the RX7, if you’re after insane mid-range and top end (street) and want to take more than one mate out, go for the GTR.

oh and one final point, all 3 had either HKS or Blitz back boxes, and under hard acceleration through the Dartford tunnel the RX7 drowned out the noise of both GTR's........ It’s all about Smiles per gallon, not Miles per gallon

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Re: I'm looking for an FD...or an R32...or an Evo X
« Reply #17 on: July 04, 2015, 07:51:34 PM »
If it were me I'd buy the 80k miler and just budget for a rebuild when it happens. Might be 2k might be 40k.

To many variables to the lower milage car plus decent paint costs a packet.

I never pay much attention to milage and more to condition and just general buying savvy.
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