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Viewing the Forum on mobile devices - Tapatalk
« on: January 12, 2015, 06:36:58 PM »
If you want to use your mobile device to access the MRC forum, I seriously recommend you consider using the Tapatalk app. A growing number of members on here are already aware of this great (FREE) app and are already using it, but if you are not already doing so, and you want to view the forum on a mobile device, give it a try. The app is available for the iPhones, Android and Windows based devices. Just search for it on your device's app store.

Tapatalk differs from a forum’s mobile web view (ie via a mobile web browser) in that it offers the speed of a native app and a streamlined, unified, interface for every forum a user subscribes to. So you can access multiple forums via the one app very simply, instead of having to go to different web pages.

Once Tapatalk is installed on your mobile device, a one-time introduction page will be shown the first time you visit a forum via your browser to notify you of the option to use the forum in Tapatalk.

While mobile web versions of the most popular forums are very functional, none offer the User Interface, design, and speed of a native app. It’s great if you have multiple hobbies and interests, as Tapatalk offers you a great tool that lets you access multiple forums in one consistent experience and also enables you to participate and produce content like sharing photos much faster than fumbling with multiple mobile web bookmarks.

When using Tapatalk on your mobile device, you will be alerted when new posts are made to threads on which you have asked to be notified. You can choose to look at any forum in several different views;

“Trending” posts – those that are popular
“Timeline” – the same as looking at “Recent posts” on the web version of the forum
“Unread” – the same as looking at “Unread posts” on the web version of the forum
“Subscribed” – most recent posts on all the threads you have subscribed to (asked to be notified of)
“Participated” – most recent posts on all the threads you have posted.
It’s very easy to type out (or dictate!!) a reply to a thread.

It’s all very intuitive, and SOOO easy to post up a picture that is already on your smartphone – it'll be a very familiar process if you already use Facebook.

I will admit I’m no expert withy using Tapatalk, but I'm finding I use it more and more when out and about and liking it a lot!

Give it a try if you want to keep in touch with the forum on your mobile device.

Post up in here if you have any questions or need some help with Tapatalk and I'll do my best to help.

Finally, here's how the Tapatalk "Homepage" looks on my Android Phone;

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