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Welcome to the brand new home of the MRC forum. The old forum software served us well for over 10 years, but lacked the features of modern platforms such as this one, so we were overdue for an upgrade.

Thank you all for your patience over the past few days whilst the Admin Team have moved the massive forum content (600,000+ posts) and user database (4,000+) over to this new platform. It's been quite a task, and huge thanks must go to CrissyUK for making it all happen!

The current state of our new home is analogous to moving into a huge new-build brick and mortar house. It's got all our furniture and occupants moved over from our old home, but it's all "magnolia painted",  not yet "decorated" with the customisation and added features we have planned to make it our unique and cosy home. Navigating around and doing things in the new house will take a little getting used to (for us all!).  The basics of starting a new thread and posting up haven't changed much though, so everyone should be able to do the basics from day one. Things will look slightly different to what we are used to, but we've been checking everything on a "test" copy of this forum for some time and are very excited about what we will be able to release over coming weeks and months to customise our new house.

If you click ON THIS LINK you will see our new WEBSITE front page, which gives you some idea of the look we are aiming to achieve on the forum. The links on that page will be redirected to this new forum shortly, but note the "Wiki" link (it works, try it!). The MRC Wiki has been created as a place to deposit of all the past history of the club and technical nuggets. The aim will be, over time, to "downstream" all such material from the forum to the Wiki to provide an easy reference guide, leaving the forum for discussion and current material.

We've not "switched on" any new features yet as we want to make sure everyone becomes familiar with our new home, and can find their way around and do the basics. The structure is largely the same as the old forum, with a few tweaks here and there. We'd also be amazed if there weren't any "bugs" with the new forum configuration, so here is your chance to help us by testing out everything and letting know of any issues you find. If you do spot a problem, please post up in the MRC Forum area over ON THIS LINK

If you are having problems using the forum then please check the HELP guide, available ON THIS LINK before asking on here as the Admins are going to be very busy over the coming weeks.

Over the coming weeks will will be adding features, such as access via Tapatalk, plus integration with Facebook and Twitter. If you've not used Tapatalk on your Smartphone, then you'll find it a brilliant way to keep in touch with what's happening on the forum.

So, again, Welcome to our new home, I hope you'll get to like it as much as we do, once you've done some exploration :)

MRC Admin Team

A **HUGE** thank you to both Casey & Crissy for their personal time and patience in the upgrade of a new forum platform for Rotary owners.

From myself & Clive it is very much appreciated and I am sure other members will also think so.

Well done :)

Yay, personally I think SMF is great :)

Loving the new look.


Looks good guys ;D

The new look looks great.  ;D


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