Author Topic: FS/swap rx4 engine parts + gear box  (Read 1094 times)

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FS/swap rx4 engine parts + gear box
« on: August 30, 2014, 07:52:11 PM »
I have an rx4 block laying around that I\'m never going to use so wanting to pass on.

Don\'t know the value of them but I will just go by the value of what stuff is on eBay and then see what offers I get if people are interested

The rx4 plates do not have the water seal on them, they are on the housings,

Plates £150 each?
Eshaft £150?
Rx4 5 speed gear box £150

I need to go through my photos, I have a lot, so bare with me on those. The plates looked to be in great condition and the engine actual ran well before a pulled and stripped it, but the chrome on the housings doesn\'t look the best on the outer edges, I don\'t know why but I think it is down to the :censored::censored::censored::censored: chrome mazda used at the time of the engine

I know a few people may have mates that will be interested in these for their old skool cars:) if they\'re looking to keep it and parts available for it as stock as possible

If anyone does want them then I will say I am more than happy to swap for FD OR COSMO 13B (the ones with big stock ports;)) PLATES etc, rather than cash.

Pictures will come as soon as.