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What is wrong with people?!?!?

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re japi:
I had to share this:

Today was Linna Cruising, one of the biggest "V8" meetings in Finland. Lots of beautiful cars, people having good time, just enjoying nice day.

Then some sick idiots decides to vandalize cars and bikes!!!! :Grrr
WTF?!?!! What is wrong with people? I just dont get it!

Here is few pictures, they are my friends cars. That Beetle had its paint scrached and that Essex, well someone cutted its back seat with knife!

I´m just out of words...

Jealous scumbags buddy.
I domt think we will ever understand what makes scum like that do the things they do.

Arggggggggggggggg, Its jealousy, pure jealousy, its if I cant have something nice I will hurt what you have.

First came across this properly when I was 24 and owned an immaculate Plymouth Sport Fury, identical in every way as the one in the picture below.

It got keyed from front to back the week I got it.

I had no problems with anyone and it happened in a secure works car park and it taught me it was not some stupid kid but jealous a grown "adult", Grrrrrrr!

I expect you just took that as an opportunity to paint it yellow.


--- Quote from: jinx;881990 ---I expect you just took that as an opportunity to paint it yellow.
--- End quote ---

Annoying as vandalism is, I just had to :Giggle when I read that!


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