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You will have seen we have a new front page---------------- This is just the start of things to come :)

Many of you know that Mazdarotaryclub has been in existence since 2001, indeed many of you have been here since the start with a forum that has never had any sort of major change, till now.:Thumbsup!

With a huge amount of work behind the scenes by Chrissy, Malcolm and Andrew,  MRC has been undergoing many changes with the site now successfully updated and a new (cheaper) service provider in place, the time has now come to bring the Rotary World a new more Modern Mazdarotaryclub presence out on the Internet for our exciting Mazda Rotarys we are all so passionate about.

As you will see below a big change is coming for

• Website – By now you will have seen our new Front page that is the front door to the club and forum. Click for LINK to Homepage

• A “Wiki” - containing reference, technical and historical articles about the club

• The “New” MRC Forum –Will be integrated with modern social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• A new Shop will be used with Open Cart to replacing EKM PowerShop


The new front page will be laid out in a cleaner more simple way with sections condensed where possible and will have links to the forum, the wiki, shop, Face Book, Twitter and calendar, plus a means of contacting the “team” if needed for more information or queries.

A “Wiki”

A new, separate, area dedicated to material that is for reference. This would contain technical “nuggets”, DIY, how to fix, manuals, etc. It would also contain historical reference material; old Rotary Rev mags, event reports, photos, historical info about the club and its history. This material will be mostly factual, and therefore should not be controversial! Generally this stuff, once added to the Wiki, won’t change a lot, but will be added to, maybe “downstreamed” the main forum.

The first stage will be to devise a “tree structure” for the MRC wiki. For technical reasons, it’s important we get this structure in place BEFORE we start to populate the wiki. The structure can have “extensions built” later, but we need to get the fundamental building architecture right to start with.

Populating the wiki – will happen by making an announcement of a new forum Wiki section where full members will engage the membership to “nominate” threads they believe should be kept and moved to the Wiki.

In the members only area we will need a small team of members to convert the “nominations” to Wiki by using cut/paste and editing of existing threads and move them over to the Wiki. Once each (existing forum) thread is done, we’d lock each one with a link to the new wiki entry and a message seeking any feedback via a dedicated email address.

We would like to get as much as possible for Crissy initially load by the 9th of May.

Once all the above is in place the “Old” Forum will come down for a few days while everything is moved across and backed up etc.

Grant Monkhouse:
New page looks great Clive:)

Great work it looks like it coming along well can\'t wait for the final site.

As you would have now seen, thanks to Crissy and Malcolm many of the items listed above are now up and running, bringing Mazdarotaryclub bang up to date in our ever changing social media world, effectively bringing a re-born club that's ready for 2015 where we hope many of you will join us at events to show the world our wonderful Rotary cars.

Many thanks to both for their hard work and also the full club members who support Mazdarotaryclub.

Fantastic Job to all involved in the update, i know the amount of work that has gone into this.


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