Author Topic: 98 Type R Single Turbo, Rebuilt, Incomplete Project  (Read 904 times)

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98 Type R Single Turbo, Rebuilt, Incomplete Project
« on: April 07, 2014, 11:47:35 PM »
It is with great regret that i\'m posting this. But after 3.5 years sat on the drive i have finally given up with it! I am due to leave the Navy and ideally need this gone as i have run out time, patience, money and motivation for it.

I\'m not really sure where to start so i\'m just going to list everything.

98 Type R JDM Import. Registered in 98 but has a fair few 99 spec stuff, must have been the transitioning period.

AS stated above the car is an unfinished project so thus a non runner.

The chassis itself is still under the 50K Mileage mark, with the engine being rebuilt completely but myself.

I will list all the mods and parts first:

Rebuilt standard engine using Atkins Rotary Parts.
Single Turbo Conversion with:
Garrett TO4E
HKS manifold
HKS Downpipe
HKS Wastegate

DM Motorsport Blanking Kit
DM Motorsport Sump Brace
DM Motorsport Engine Mounts
PWR Thick radiator (unmounted - brackets need fabricated)
Apexi GT intercooler (this is mounted with the correct brackets)
Pitbike cooler for power steering (not fitted)
Blitz Filter
Unsilenced Midpipe
Apexi N1 backbox

Turbosmart FPR and gauge
850CC Primaries and Secondaries
GTR Fuel pump (not yet fitted, but has full wiring done for fuel pump rewire)

Apexi FC + Commander
AEM Wideband Kit (bung needs welded to midpipe and needs wired in)
Oil pressure, Oil temp and water temp gauges
2 boost gauges, HKS one and an autometer one
Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller
HKS turbo timer
^^ all the above is still to be wired in/fitted, pillar gauge and single din gauge holders for them.

Short shifter kit
Aluminium AST (unfitted)
Oddyssey Racing battery, relocated to boot, with aluminium battery holder (Not fitted)

TEIN FLEX coilovers
Do-Luck purple braided fuel lines
braided clutch line

I am sure i have missed plenty out as i haven\'t really had much time with it to be honest.


Needs 2 new headlights as the current ones were full of water at some point
needs a massively good clean and polish, has been exposed to the elements for 3.5 years
Rad needs brackets fabricated and fitted
all gauges and battery need wired in aswell as fuel pump. but it is all in place.
I/C and Rad HARD and SOFT pipes need purchased
Wideband bung needs welded to midpipe, and both need fitted to the car.
rear spoiler needs removed/resprayed.
all fuel lines need plumbed in engine bay side (not a big job, hoses are there for it and FPR is mounted)
boost controller needs fitted.
all vacuum lines need put in place (not many due to single)

The car will be sold with standard alloys too. Only part i\'m keeping are the wheels, unless i get a decent offer on those.

I think that is it but will add more if/when i remember it.

The car owes me far too much to even care to mention now.

I believe all major parts are there for someone to take over the build, it would make a good summer project.

With all of the bad bits in mind i am going to be very cheeky and ask for offers around £3500 as i believe the car has plenty potential with the parts and progress done.

Thanks for looking.

Pics and stuff can also be found here:

(i will add more pics on request this weekend)

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98 Type R Single Turbo, Rebuilt, Incomplete Project
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 05:14:54 PM »
Hi do you have a phone number or email I can contact you on? Can you provide more pics too. Cheers Ash

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98 Type R Single Turbo, Rebuilt, Incomplete Project
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2014, 08:03:12 PM »
Hi Ash,

Drop me an email and i\'ll send you more details etc there: