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Hello from California!


My name is Alice and I am in California and I hope it\'s alright I joined, I really didn\'t know you were in the UK!
We have a 1974 RX4 that was my mother-in-laws and we really just wanted to find a good home for it!
My Dad had an auto body shop so I grew up around cars, and have far too many in bad shape to keep them all. I plan to keep my Austin Healey (\'53,100-4) as our toy to fix up, but others need to go, in case you know anyone here that might be interested!

Grant Monkhouse:
Hello and welcome. :) I too have an rx4:D they\'re the best. Lol

Throw some pictures up of it.

welcome, I\'m sure someone will know someone

There a few peeps on here that would bite your hand off! But a long way away!
welcome to the club. Get some pics up pls.

re japi:
I fully agree with Boosted!!! ;)


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