Author Topic: Subaru Legacy GT Twin Turbo - Ultimate bargain performance family car £1500  (Read 197 times)

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Reluctantly for sale

This amazing machine ive owned since the first day it snowed last year.

Purchased out of a blind panic and a great job I did too because ive never been so impressed with such an amazing performance tourer... This is also my first scooby and the build quality in my opinion is amazing.

Subaru Legacy GT Twin Turbo Import
2.0 Boxer Twin turbo
65k miles
Full winter pack
Tax till end of March and MoT TBC but was renewed when it started snowing

Full time AWD with electronic diff lock (snow mode)
Fully angle adjusting and heated mirrors
Heated washer jets
Electronic climate control with A/C
Central locking
Electric windows all round, rears and rear hatch are limo black (pimp)

Optional factory Nardi Subaru leather steering wheel
Razo foot pedals
17" O.Z 1 Piece 3 Spoke Fittipaldi Wheels with nearly new Michelin Premacy tyres all round
Sat behind the wheels are recently fitted pads and discs
A sweet burbling Kakimoto large bore stainless catback has been fitted
Cone air filter

260bhp standard   :shock: ... with the Kakimoto exhaust and filter its alot more freeflowing so we are nearing 300bhp... This thing pulls like a train through all silky smooth gears... The second turbo kicks in noticeably well and throws you back.

This car drives like no other, its like new, silky smooth suspension, no knocks, bumps, rattles, squeeks. the throttle is responsive and the brakes are sharp. The steering is nice and light and its a pure pleasure to drive and cruise around in. It sounds like a muscle car with the deep exhaust note.

Its been sat since we had the last episode of snow and it started for the first time today on the button and drove really well. Its such a lovely looking car with all the power to go with it. You rarely see these especially in twin turbo form which are quicker than the STI\'s and far more reliable due to the twin turbo and auto.

I cant stress how nice this car is... It was used literally for the snow and OMG it was an absolute joy, no amount of snow would stop it in its tracks. Not even a bit of wheelspin.

Ive taken a couple of photos for now, I havent washed it since its sat as ive got no insurance and I have no facilities to do so where I live. These will give you an idea. The body work is very good for its age, it has a deep scuff on the rear bumper on one corner and a few poorly touched up scratches in few places. Rust?!.... Go home!... Ive been over this with a fine tooth comb... This car knows not of what rust looks like.

Reason for sale being that I have too many vehicles to tend to... This one (scoob), MR2, RX7, Corolla, 306 and the work van. I cant keep the scoob where it is as its on grey area private property and it could get lifted at any time.

Its priced to sell and im pretty much firm on £1500... Its the ultimate bargain family car for the doting father and petrol head... So this is ideal for me... However needs must and good things cant stay with me forever what with my other toys which take priority and the misses uses the pug to transport kiddy and herself around.

Scoob.... It was good while it lasted. Im posting on IMOC for now as teres lots of good owners on here.