Author Topic: What rear part do I have? And another question  (Read 324 times)

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What rear part do I have? And another question
« on: November 02, 2012, 02:52:59 AM »
I saw a thread on diffs here, and started thinking... my car is an 88 N/A vert with a 91 S5 TII engine and gearbox.

Is it any way to see what diff I got, or worst case shafts? If not I would have to check the driveshaft, as I guess I would have one with replaceable U-joints, if that is possible to see at all (this since it would be a S4 N/A open diff rear side, and TII S5 tranny side)

Also, does it exist a damper heightening kit? Like you can lower your car by swapping your strut tops, can you do the same the other way? I would love to have a car with better ground clearance when it is 500ft of snow around.
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