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Volkswagon Polo 1.4 Black 1999 T&T\'d
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:26:48 PM »
For Sale

Volkswagon Polo 3dr
1396cc 8v Engine
Manual 5spd
Gloss black in colour
3dr featuring factory sport alloy wheels
89,000 miles
Tax til January 2013
MoT til 20th Jan

But.... Why?

Purchased as temporary run around used between my friend and I. Now we have both our main cars sorted this brilliant little economic runaround is up for sale. An honest car with some battle scarring but hasn\'t defeated any of the mechanics that lay underneath.

Does it shine?!

The exterior body work shows average wear mainly suffering from trolley dings and light knock marks from any history of lack of parking skills. Regardless, as the picture shows she still likes to show off what remains plentiful of her bright bodywork. Dings and scars can be seen from the pictures, the drivers front wing has flat paint, looks like a previous DIY respray but to be honest unless in very direct bright sunlight it isnt highly noticable. The bootlid has a fist size dent next to the number plate but this is quite shallow and can easily be pulled out. The most noticeable mark is a deliberate key mark on the drivers side. This will be touched in and smoothed prior to a definate sale should the buyer wish us to do so.

Wheel whoring...

The wheels as mentioned are out of the factory aluminium 5 spoke items, mounted onto them are tyres... these are made of rubber.... all of which have very good tread. Behind the rear wheels are drum type brakes which have been painted red by the previous owner.

Does the inside look like someone chucked a live grenade into it?...

Interior wise for the mileage it is considerably clean and tidy, no rips or tears let along fag burns, scuffs etc. All electrics work as they should including the powered windows, internal lighting, clocks work and operate as smooth as they should The gearknob and steering show minimal wear, the drivers bolster which commonly on many cars tend to rip, this one shows little sagging and some wear starting to push into the cloth but no wear near excessively worn.
The dash clocks feature digital trip, odometer etc. The new owner will also benefit with the (what looks original) 3 way speakers as fitted to the rear shelf... Also a suave Sony CD player up front. Twin airbags up front so everyone\'s staying alive.

McDonalds car show special....

The engine bay shows some \'attempted\' love work, the head cover has been painted red as has the leads and other plasticy bits... This doesnt increase horsepower or overall torque, nor does it indicate the car has a chipped and mapped ecu. Its simply a visual love thing...

Can you tell what it is yet?

Driving it is a very pleasurable experience, which is surprising given its not so minty exterior. You will not experience common issues such as knocks, bangs, squeeks, scrapes, sneezes, coughs and splutters. Its genuinely a mechanicly well looked after car. The ride is overall very smooth and soft, the suspension shows no ageing as the dampers work really nicely over speed humps and general uneven surfaces, the steering doesnt pull let alone shake or have any play which would indicate any issues of wear. The clutch bites strongly and in the right place, best of all its incredibly smooth and not sticky... Each gear falls into place effortlessly and doesnt feel like you are stirring porridge, gear movements are striaght and tight as they should be... No crunching or popping out of gear. The engine pulls very well for a small engine and a tenner of petrol will surely get you to the moon and back.

Will I attract hot women with this car?...

This is a very honest motor that will do you no wrong except only ever ask for some minor body treatment... In which case you will tell it to \'get back\' as predominantly its an ideal first car or an economical daily hack... Not a McDonalds or B&Q carpark showqueen special. Its ready to drive away with plenty of Tax and Test both of which expire in January.

Gotta love a freebie!...

Prior to a definate sale the car will be serviced with new oils, filters, bodywork mopped, polished, waxed and internally steam cleaned and generally looking highly presentable. (Thats all gotta retail at £200 surely!?)

What\'s in it for you?...

The asking price is £800 O.V.N.O for such a reliable little gem.

I\'ll be on holiday from 1st July until 11th of July. A friend of mine who I share the car with will have the Polo at his address and any viewings or offers must be made through him.

Ray: 07584484977


I wanna see Ray!...

You\'ll his reflection on the drivers rear wing should you search thoroughly through the photos... Its a pear shaped form of him reflecting off the contours.