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don wyatt:
Is there one on here, cant see one, if not shouldnt there be one ??

would like to see some nice clear close up shots of members rides ?

:bandit (no; 8)

It would be a good idea to do a sticky thread with pics of members cars.
The 2nd & 3rd gen sections do this.

just for you Don to make you want to keep it.

Here we go then....

my 1984 series 3 Elford Turbo....  supplied by Richard Knight Car, Swiss Cottage, London to a famous musician. The car was originally registered as
A683 UUW. It was sold to it’s 2nd keeper, also in London , in May 1986 and a private plate KAY 294 was put on the vehicle.
It was then sold to keeper 3 in Bournemouth in 1987 and the plate was taken off and the current registration A181 NFX was allocated to it.

Standard car except for the Elford Turbo engine conversion, twin MR2 electric fans, zenon headlights and Aussie aero mirrors

Used often and all year round...

don wyatt:
Had either of you guys thought about a different set of wheels, Im not saying the stock ones are ugly, but there are some very nice wheels and tyres out there ?

Can we set up a 1st Gen Gallery then, limited to say 4 pics of each members wheels ?


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