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David Nock (RIP):
The recent revisit of the Poll on "What RX7 have you got" has reminded me that I have been logging 1st Gens in the UK of which I can be fairly sure are runners or \'good on SORN\', not scappers. I have been doing this for a year now and my records run to 68 cars. Allow the odd 8 which may never come off SORN, or which may be duplicates (cos I\'ve tried hard to keep things straight where I know a cars moved between owners but it gets difficult at times). At this point I reckon there\'s about 60 running cars which have been \'in print\' somewhere, either logged on this club, for sale on e bay or on show at Rotorstock/on Calendars.
I\'ve noted a little detail about each car, so if anyone wants to put the Series (1st Gen 1,2 or3), the colour and ideally a partial Reg No. up on here, I\'ll tell you if I\'ve got it logged. It would help to know if any owners are recent purchasers and where the car came from as it may be logged under somewhere else.
Regular contributors to the 1st Gen section - Mark, Shaun, Stuart (Syebba), Daverey, Don P, are all duly logged and noted.

All good fun lads, I used to log Rotherham Corporation Bus Reg Nos as a youngster in the 1950\'s. You get old but your brain still works the same!

PS, I don\'t mind logging \'whole shell scrappers\' as well if they\'re stil on a Reg No. to ID them.

Sounds interesting.
Not been hardly any 1st gens on ebay for months,last spring there seemed to be a glut of them.
I\'d guess there could be 300>500 in UK on sorn & still on road.
I have\'nt seen a first gen driving on the road for about 5yrs.

When we formed MRC in 2001 I contacted the DVLC to try and work out what how many cars we out there on the road,

The Gen 1 and Gen 2\'s were difficult because as you may well know 1985 Gen 1\'s were still being registerd up as new cars in 1986 on a D reg which is also the first of the Gen 2\'s,

This made splitting them very difficult but it appeared that around 650 gen 1\'s were on the road in the UK in 2001 but beleive this number could may well have dwindled to just a couple of hundred due to rot, accidents and becoming unwanted and simply thrown away.

A Gen 1 at any event is now a rarety just as a Gen 2  EGI is,

p.s. there is one bizzare Gen 1 out there, bizzare because it\'s on a 1991 J reg plate, staggered how they did it but a Mazda dealer had an unregistered one tucked away and got it registered up as a new car in 1991


Hope this helps

Got this one? C510BUU

Blimey I use mine every single day and wouldn\'t want it any other way !

Its in need of some bodywork fixes but nothing really very serious. Just about to reach 127k miles.

Was thinking about buying one to tub !!



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