Author Topic: Selling, trading and advertising on MRC.  (Read 3663 times)

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Selling, trading and advertising on MRC.
« on: April 24, 2008, 12:23:33 PM »
With the server change MRC have also taken the opportunity to alter some of the rules and user groups regarding selling and advertising.
Full Supporting Advertisers
Full advertisers will carry on as before with a couple of changes only registered companies will be eligible for advertiser status and we are looking at implementing a rotating banner system at the top of the page.
Private Traders
This will be a new user group for people wanting to sell multiple items that aren\'t registered companies. Private traders will be able to go out on the site to sell there goods and services and have there own section as advertisers but will not have a banner or allowed links in there signature. Private traders will also be able to take out a quarterly subscription rather than an annual one.
Guests selling goods
Guest will be able to sell through the submit parts and cars sections as now. Threads will be approved by moderators only if they have contact details within them and will be viewable to members only for the first week as now. The big change here is you will only be able to sell one of any given item per year. Anyone exceeding this limit will be termed a Private trader there account will be suspended and a invoice sent for that quarters trading.
Members selling goods
As now members have the unrestricted use of the members for sale section in addition to which they can use the submit parts section subject to the one of any given item rule.
Everyone guest, member or trader is expected to show some respect do not thread spoil or poach. If someone has a thread running then do not jump on it to sell your own goods start your own. Likewise advertisers and traders if you feel you can undercut or offer a better service than one offered use you own section to promote these goods not someone Else\'s thread.
Regards Kevin