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Low and High Power test
« on: February 01, 2004, 05:08:32 PM »
As posted elsewhere I drove both versions on my test drive (as I fell in love with the car at first site, for me the only question was which version to go for). The dealer said something about the low power having more torque, being more of a driver\'s car in his opinion blah blah but I actually found the high power noticeably more sporty and exciting. I\'m not brilliant on driving technology but it seemed easier with the higher gearing to get to the revs that this car obviously loves.

I must admit  I found I ran out of sufficient motorway on my run  to get up to a speed where the 6th gear would properly come into play ... that would be obviously well above the ton. At one point I thought "well this is pretty relaxed for 6th gear, at 85 mph" then I realised I was only in 4th......:)

Now ordered Titanium 230 due next week......Unfortunately that\'s only the £16 1:43 model. For the full-size version I have to wait until June  :(