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Organise South:
Hi first of all, im completely new on this site so i hope im welcome. For those who don\'t know me i organised an event in October called the Best of British Show which was a modified car show that took place at Brooklands airfield of which we filled up nice and easy.

Anyway back to my problem.

Im going to be buying an RX7 soon (G3) and i didn\'t realise there are loads of different types of the G3.
Can someone please kindly list each type and what it is and has, ie: turbo, standard bhp and generally what its like.

If someone could do that it would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Glenn Butcher:
Hi Kevin!!

I\'ll try and help as best I can.  I have a table here for the 1999 + model RX-7\'s:

 Type RB AutoType RB Type RB-S Type R Type RS Type RZ Weight (kgs) 1240 1240 1240 1260 1280 1270 Power (PS/rpm) 255/6500 265/6500 265/6500 280/6500 280/6500 280/6500 Torque (Nm/rpm) 294/5000 294/5000 294/5000 314/5000 314/5000 314/5000 Power-to-Weight ratio (kg/PS) 4.86 4.68 4.68 4.50 4.57 4.54 Dampers Standard Standard Standard Hard Hard Bilstein Oil coolers Single Single Single Twin Twin Twin Rims/Tyres (Front) 16"x8"/225 50R16 16"x8"/225 50R16 16"x8"/225 50ZR16 16"x8"/225 50ZR16 17"x8"/235 45ZR17 17"x8"/235 45ZR17 Rims/Tyres (Rear) 16"x8"/225 50R16 16"x8"/225 50R16 16"x8"/225 50ZR16 16"x8"/225 50ZR16 17"x8.5"/255 40ZR17 17"x8.5"/255 40ZR17 Large rear spoiler with adj wicker No No Yes Yes YesYes

I\'m not 100% sure on the UK model\'s or some of the older Japanese models.

Generally speaking I believe the FD RX-7 sold here in the UK was a 255hp model.

Many of the Japanese imports pre 1999 were around the same power.

Hopefully someone else jumps in an helps me out here!

Hi Kevin,

The best information I have seen on the UK and Jap model variations is in Brian Long\'s book:  RX-7 Mazda\'s Rotary Engine Sportscar.  It covers all generations up to the 2000 Jap only 3rd gen.  It is available from Amazon, £23.99 or the publisher £29.99.

The stock UK 3rd gen was 237bhp.


Hi Kevin,
Of course your welcome mate. urrgh where do I start.
Well I\'ll start from the beginning I guess. UK rx7\'s released 1992 were 237 bhp
approx 124 of them sold in uk front an rear strut brace 2 seater only with rear storage bins, sunroof, a/c,  black leather seats. 5sp manual only, cruise control, pre cat on downpipe, main cat, hard suspension.

Japanese rx7 released 1991 255bhp the different models were/are type x, type s, touring x, touring s, type r1, type r2, type rz, type rs, type rb, type rb bashurst, typr rb bashurst x, type rsr, type r, rb-s, spirirt r-a, spirit r-b, spirit r-c.
I might of missed a couple don\'t think so though. Right differences
type x, type s, type r1, type rz were all realeased in late 91 between 91-93 these were the only rx-7 available in japan.
all were 255bhp type x was fully loaded model leather seats in black or red, climate control a/c, sunroof, front foglamps,2+2, soft suspension, cruise control, 5sp manual + 4sp automatic, rear strut brace not sure if they had front, main cat only, sunroof, red leather seat models came with full red interior. bose hifi as standard. 4.1 final drive ratio diff 3.9 on auto
the type s is the cheapest model rx7 similar to type x but non of the frills and extras.
Type rz has always been then top rx7 in Japan as well as the fastest. It has bbs 17 inch wheels as standard 4.3 stregthened limited slip diff. not much frills and extras as this was not meant for comfort but out and out sports. It had recaro seats as standard and if memory serves me right was only available in black on the early models. Front & rear strut brace All type rz hold there price extremely well in Japan. The rz had better brakes twin oil coolers and was reallly designed to be thrashed.
The type r is another of the early models, this was a I believe single oil cooler can\'t remember, front & rear strut brace, I think they had front fog lamps can\'t remember harder suspension than type x & type s models, a/c, no sunroof or cruise etc was a bit like the rz in that it was more a race model rather than tourer. This eventually was called the r1 as in late  93 onwards mazda released another type r with twin oil coolers and a few more bits and pieces slighty softer suspension etc and calle dit the r2 so thats how the r1 got it\'s name. In late 93 onward mazda released som other versions as well as updating/outdating some of the previous. they type x became the touring x the type s became the touring s. These were basically the same as the precious models but technical recall issue had been resolved, I can\'t remember what they all were but I remember pre late 93 had issues with the water pump or water pump seal, the pressure of the cooling system was lowered from about 1.3 bar to .9 I believe, the paint was also changed as earlier models suffered paint fade. so type r was now r2 type x & type s were now touring but the rz  remained the same. I do not have documented evidence but I believe in 94 the rx was actually a 265 bhp car don\'t hold me to that though. Right the other new models that were added in late 93/94 were the type rs which was second to the rz only 17 inch wheels different from the other models better brakes the same diff with final drive as the rz but otherwise much the same the others ie a/c, 2 seater, strut brace fornt&rear etc. also released was the rb which was kind of a new base range along with touring s, They however made variations to this model i.e. type rb bashurst, and bashurst x, in remembrance to the fact the rx7 dominated the australian 12 race at a track or area can\'t remember called bathurst.The bathhurst x model had full red interior with leather seats, again though most of these models were otherwise much the same.
In 95 the r2 was replaced with the type r, in late 95/96 models mazda again made changes, the rear spoiler was changed, the ecu were now 16 bit instead of 8 bit, the rear light cluster was changed to round lights power was upped on nearly all models to 265 bhp except the touring x. By the way that reminds me the touring s was discontinued in 95 and when the type x transition into the touring x in late 93 they were only available in 4spd automatic, Also from late 95 onwards the touring x  lost cruise control bose hifi and leather interior but the rest was the same. I also know on post 96 touring x models maybe on the others also cannot confirm at the mo that the chassis was strenghthed and road holding was greatly improved.
In 97/98 mazda did a ltd edition model called the rsr which was a fancier version of the type rs these were only available in yellow or black. These had the same wheels as they type rs but were sprayed black from manufacture. I can\'t remember if it was from late 95 or only from late 98/99 onwards the type rb had a auto model also as 255bhp but manual as 265 bhp.
In late 98/99 the models the turbo was upgraded so was the ecu boost was increased exhaust back pressure was reduced by 10%
the rear spoiler and frontend were changed bhp was increased on type r type rs type rz to 280 bhp the rb was still 265bhp the rb-s was the same but a little sportier, the rb 4spd auto was still 255. New colour was added mica blue and a creamy white for the rz model which came with red interior with red stitching white dials, all post 99 models had boost gauge which earlier models didn\'t, the very latest models that were made wer ethe spirit r models a being the top b next then c which was also available as an auto, a new colour was added also gunmetal grey. My hand are tired now I hope this gives you a better idea.


Brian 2 P

Nice one B2P, no need to buy that book now

Kevin also asked what is it like - do you mean to drive?

Quotes from Top Gear review January 1996:

"is great to drive, looks as sexy as a bag of sexy stuff, corners astonishingly well, has brakes that  are absolutely bonkers and an engine that revs like there\'s no tomorrow"

"this car felt very, very quick indeed. Not 968 quick; oh no it\'s 911 quick"

"the RX-7 has prodigious grip, an exceptionally rigid chassis and stronger brakes than any car Top Gear has ever tested"



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