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tighten up those worn bushes
« on: January 10, 2004, 12:08:29 PM »
ive made some gadgets to fix all your torque movement problems. one for the diff and one for the engine.  i have done this to fix my own problems with worn bushes and the increase in bhp i have made which both result in  bad on and off the throttle juddering and diff knocking.
i know bushes should be replaced but mine arnt really that bad and the cost of these are stupid money.  The extra bonus with these are they greatly reduced movement in the parts there attached to and make the car like new, power delivery is so instant now and there is no bad low speed control which i had in 1st and 2nd in traffic. if anyone is interested in these im looking into making more to sell on ebay or were ever, they will be low cost compared to jap equivilent and come in differant colours, pics will be availible soon to those who are interested. Im a engineer by trade and these are not micky mouse parts, guarantees will come with parts.
im also in the process of making available a complete set of bushes for rx7 tt 93-, these will be nylon with stainless steel inserts meaning very hard compared to oem parts and will be whole car set except engine mounts.