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How to change your brake pads Rear and Front
« on: September 29, 2006, 09:50:18 AM »
Especially over the last few weeks we have found that our customers have needed some guidance fitting their newly purchased Brake pads so I thought I would put something together explaining how to safely change your brake pads for all of you who may be unsure on how to carry out this task on a 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen and 1st Gen providing it has Disc brakes all round.


After jacking up and putting axle stands under the car proceed with the following/

Most important always do one side at a time so you can refer to the other side to see how things fit on the other.

To change the rear pads/

After removing the wheel you will find two bolts behind the calliper that hold the calliper on, undo these bolts and slide them out and now lift the calliper off, now before going any further make note of how the wire spring clips fit into the holes in the edge of the old pads.

Next you will need to wind the single piston back to make room for the new thicker pads; you can do this with a long nose pair of pliers.

Hold the calliper with one hand and with your pliers located in the two V shaped cut out’s turn the piston clockwise whilst pushing in the piston.

Take care that the V’s end up at 12oc and 6oc or the piston will not locate on the pin that you will see sticking out of the back of the pad, if you don’t get this right the piston will not ratchet out to adjust the hand brake linkage.

Place the new pads onto the pad carrier bracket still on the car and locate the spring clips into the holes in the pads, now holding the pads onto the disc faces with a thumb and a finger place the calliper back over the top of the pads and slide the retaining bolts in and tighten.

Now work the handbrake leaver up and down to regain the correct adjustment


To renew the front brake pads /

First of all place a piece of rag over the cap on the brake master cylinder just incase any fluid comes out as you push the pistons back in the callipers.

Once again, strip one side at a time so you can use the other side for reference.

Remove the wire clip that goes through the holes in the two long pad retaining pins, now pull out the pins making special note of how the pads wire spring clips attach to the pins and the pads.

Next, before sliding the pads out use a screw-driver or pry bar to leaver between the pad and the disc but only push the end into the pad and not the face of the disc so you do not damage the disc.

This is to push the pistons back into the calliper to accommodate the new thicker pad.

Still with one old pad in slide out the one you have pushed back towards you with a pair of pliers or grips then place just the one new pad in the gap between the pistons and the disc.

Now repeat this procedure to fit the new pad onto the other side of the disc, then once you have replaced your pins and spring clips go and pump the pedal to push the pistons out onto the disc.

The pumping of the Pedal is VERY important otherwise on the first application the car will not stop!!

Now move to the other side of the car and repeat the same procedure.

Lastly read any instructions that may have come with your pad set that may tell you how to bed in your new pads to make them correctly efficient.

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