Author Topic: General Maintenance - My RX-7 import has arrived in the UK - what should I do first?  (Read 6635 times)

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(This is a post from Iwan - thanks Iwan, some good ideas/information here).

Here we go:

Hi all,

So your car has arrived in the UK.  You would like to pick it up, but what to do first, after you\'ve got it?

I would like to cover a service maintenance. There are some things that should be replaced on your car, before you can enjoy it.

The best way to do it, is to bring your car to a Rotary specialist who will do all the things you need for you. But if you want to do it by yourself, here we go:

1. Change the oil and the oil filter ASAP! There are many posts about which oil you should use.  The mineral oil has been proved to be good for Rotary\'s and is approved by Mazda themselves. You can generally use most mineral oils in your car, but please be sure, that the oil is tested on turbocharged cars. I would recommend Castrol GTX3 mineral oil, in case you are not sure which one to use.

2. Change your coolant.  Please use distilled water or pure coolant.  Don\'t be to sparing with coolant, more coolant will protect your Rotary engine/cooling system from rust/gunge.

3. Change your sparkplugs. There is a seperate thread about spark plugs here. In summary: please use NGK BUR7EQP plugs in the leading AND BUR9EQP in the trailing for general street use (day to day driving). If you want to race your car, it\'s best to use plugs recommended by a Rotary specialist.  For high speed running/ 1/4 mile runs etc the colder the plug the better (i.e. 11 is colder than a 9, 9 is colder than a 7 etc.).

4. Change your fuel filter.  The filter is found above the differential. It\'s a very dirty/awkward job to change the filter.  Very tricky to get there, and you will get some gasoline on you while you change it first time.

On the engine side, you can drive your car on the safe side. But they are many other things you have to check. These checks are not rotary specific, and should done on every car.

a. Check your brake fluid. Change if necessary.
b. Check your brake pads and brake rotors for wear.
c. Change the gearbox and diff oil.
d. Check your airfilter. Replace if necessary.
e. Replace your tyres, even if they are OK to you. (The Japanese tyres are mainly suited to their roads).

I hope I was able to cover the basic things. My English is not the best, I would like to ask our moderator to change the things I\'ve done wrong. (Done Iwan - thanks, Glenn)

Enjoy your Rotary! Be a part of our forum and share your opinions with us.



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Quote from: Glenn Butcher
Don\'t be to sparing with coolant, more coolant will protect your Rotary engine/cooling system from rust/gunge.

I\'m sure Mazda recommends a 50:50 water to antifreeze split.  :yes