Author Topic: Going for a test dribe on Friday :-)  (Read 3565 times)


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Going for a test dribe on Friday :-)
« on: November 04, 2003, 09:45:05 PM »
I\'ve already had a good look at a red full UK spec car  (Not sold at the moment, as it was slyly ordered by one of the dealer\'s relatives) and two of the grey pre-production models - one of which I\'ll be driving.

I couldn\'t get over how quiet and smooth they are.  
OK, I\'m comparing it to an old Impreza Turbo - most things are quieter ;), but the Impreza is smooth for a pistoned engine.

The attention to detail in the RX8 is great.  The little things - like the rotor shaped seat adjustment lever, and the way everything that opens is damped, doesn\'t make a noise and above all else, feels substantial.    This is probably just like a normal car - remember, I drive a rattly classic Impreza (that\'s slowly filling with expanding foam ;)).

Should say something about the looks - I like the car.  It\'s an appealing shape, and the car looks like it should go fast.
The Impreza woud never win an award for looks - but then it doesn\'t need to.

The build quality is what I expect from the new Mazdas - it\'s very well built - nothing looks like it\'s going to drop off in 10 minutes of leaving the showroom.  (Take note MG rover!! - A long story involving a Trilogy MX5 and a MG TF back to back test drive...)  
I wait to see if there are rattles when it\'s on the road.

So far, I like everything I\'ve seen and heard.  It\'s looking like a practical replacement for the Impreza - it\'s even a lower insurance group for similar power (231 ps version)

Will it tempt me away from old rattly (and fast :D) 4WD rally cars?
I\'ll let you know on Friday, when I take the RX8 out on my favourite Scoobynet Twisties (TM)  ;) :D


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Going for a test dribe on Friday :-)
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and how did  it drive?