Author Topic: RX-8 in the flesh.  (Read 3913 times)

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RX-8 in the flesh.
« on: November 02, 2003, 09:54:31 PM »
Was driving past my local dealer today, and we looked into the showroom as we drove by. Oh, its a Mazda 6 I said, when we saw the back. Then when I saw the back door, I coudl tell it was an 8!! So, we about turn, park up an go to look through the window.  It was in black. The first thing that struck me was how beautiful the front is. Its stunning! Then we saw someone inside the car, and realised the dealer was open ( on a sunday!).

We went in, and I sat in the passenger side, then laughed exctitedly opening that clever back door! I got in the back, and it may lool cramped before you get in, but let me tell you it isnt. I am over 6 ft and it was fine. We took a look under the bonnet and sat in the passenger  another guy interested in the car, too, a Jaguar driver. He was real excited, saying he wants one to replace his AudiTT!! He mentioned to engine, and when I told him I was on my 10th Rotary car, he seemed reassured about it. We saw him phone his wife on his mobile as he left, and I am sure he is buying one.

If only i had the 20k+ . I can tell you I could not stop thinking about it for most of the day. This car is stunning! Its a sporty but practical car with a Rotary engine. ( Bit like the RX-2 , then:D )