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« on: December 20, 2005, 01:05:01 PM »
Im getting clunking sounds from the rear of my car, the car has done approx 60K miles so no doubt the rear bushes could do with being replaced. My question is, what bushes need replaced? I know some of you have gone through this recently so hope one of you can help????
What bushes need replacing and whats the cost? I read RE:Worx would match the group buy price that was advertised on but can\'t remember what it was. Whats the cost for fitting them (I won\'t be doing it myself)
I already have Mazda anti-roll bar bushes to fit and some new suspension to fit from a RX7 Type-RB, the Bilstein(sp) struts and some lowered springs.
Also, is a rear diff brace going to improve the ride quality at all or just stop wheel hopping but give a harsher ride?