Author Topic: What are the best pads to run with Standard Rotor\'s and Calipers?  (Read 1639 times)

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What are the best pads to run with Standard Rotor\'s and Calipers?
« on: September 12, 2002, 10:20:01 AM »
Chris Wilson who has been circuit racing cars for many years can supply you with some!  Message from Chris:

I have commissioned our brake pad supplier to make up some "ultimate" carbon kevlar pads on FD3S backings. I use these on my R33 Skyline and Rx-7 and they truly give sensational results. The car will feel like you have bigger brakes and the pedal effort and feel will be transformed. Like all things there is a downside. These pads are designed for ultimate frictional coefficient and fade resistance. Road pads take into account quiet operation and dust free performance. These pads make some squeal when not used hard for long periods, and they dust more than stock pads, but this will wash off. Anyone thinking of spending mega money on a brake upgrade to bigger discs and calipers are urged to try this relatively cheap option, I am CERTAIN you will be amazed at what "proper" pads can do when not hamstrung by the need for silent operation and dust free usage.

They are kind to discs, and given similar usage will last a lot longer than any "normal" pad material, but i guess you won\'t be buying them to give "normal" use to them :-)

It is VERY advisable to use a proper race type brake fluid if you intend to do track days with them, as brake effort is directly proportional to heat generated, and a carbon kevlar pad transmits more heat to the caliper and hence fluid than an organic pad.

I am expecting delivery of 3 sets for the FD3S model RX-7\'s first come first served. I am making a very modest profit at £290.00 pounds a full car set. Expensive? - Don\'t say this unless you try them. They really are mind blowingly better than anything else I have tried. If they take off and I sell a lot of sets I can negotiate a more favourable discount and pass this along. Right now I pay a small premium as they are custom made, they normally are only supplied for race type caliper families.

I can also supply fluid if you need it. E-mail me direct if interested. These pads allowed my RX-7 to be driven as hard as I could move it at Donington, Oulton and Elvington with ZERO fade and vastly improved pedal effort and modulation. I was amazed myself just how well the stock brakes could cope given this pad material. They work perfectly from stone cold, too, making them totally suited to everyday usage, no need to swap pads for track days.
Best regards,
           Chris Wilson


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What are the best pads to run with Standard Rotor\'s and Calipers?
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2002, 11:31:34 AM »
And what about EBC green pads for a RX-7 FD ?
I have heard that they are good pads but don\'t brake very well when they are cold ?