Author Topic: 3rd Gen 1994 type r2!  (Read 815 times)


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3rd Gen 1994 type r2!
« on: December 17, 2004, 01:02:40 AM »
hello ladies and gents

Let me introduce myself, I\'m Patrick and i\'m a massive car Fan!

Just recently signed on but this is my first post! Spent most my time on here inducing information on the 3rd gen Rx7. Which i have found exciting beyond belief!

Anyway i am a car importer only recently as i have only been doing it for the past year and a half, so i have had my fair share of experience with jap motors mainly 350z, rx8s, surpas that type of thing but i never have touched rx7s as i have always been told that they are really unreliable and did\'nt wanna risk my money on them when it came to business so i have never had one nor been in one! Which is frustrating since i\'ve become a member on here. From the info i have gathered it seems as though if you get one that has been looked after and you continue to look after it ( change oil every 3000miles etc) it should be good for 60000miles before a rebuild is needed.

So after all that i think i\'m going to purchase myself a car in the near future as i haven\'t had one for 12months! ( my own anyway!) i have been sharing my girlfriends peugeot 206 1.1!!!
Economical Score : 9/10  Thrill Factor :  1/10

This needs to be sorted!


After looking over some of your posts What do think to a

1994 typer2

I understand its upgraded from the type r!?!
Better suspension!?!

Please correct me if i\'m wrong!!!

Also i\'m gonna get a standard one to modify to my satisfaction! What are the first mods i should do so that that i can get the bhp up and also keep the car reliable for the time being till i\'m ready to call on you veterans for further advice!!!

Cheers Guys



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3rd Gen 1994 type r2!
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2004, 07:16:16 AM »
relliability mods i guess there\'s a few depending on which year/how modified a car is you may get. Power FC &/or other ECU wood be early mod to be on the wish list to either fuel etc properly current of future mods etc. Presuming everything was then working fine guess cooling system might be a good bet, there was a long thread ages ago about why our engines keep blowing up, er that title makes it sound bad but i recall was good debate on what main things to watch are.....
Anyway that sounds kinda bad so i\'m getting my coat before i scare you off :rollin  lol. There are a few folks round London town i guess if you can hook up & get shown the VERY GOOD side of the FD (3rd gen RX7) then you\'ll be sold.......
Good luck & dont be afraid of stupid questions, it\'s the technical knowledgable ones which scare me but there\'s plenty of more knowledgable types about so fear not.......