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Making progress!!!
« on: May 27, 2003, 01:23:58 PM »
Just thought I would do a quick post about the progress on my FB.  

The rust is still rusty (:rollin ) but hopefully got someone coming to have a look at it soon who will do the job cash in hand!  Finally managed to sort some brakes out care of my local parts place...gonna use the original discs which have rubbed down Ok as the disc prices were sky high.  The calipers are now working but are gonna need new seals so if anyone knows where I can get a re-furb kit for them then let me know.

Had the carpet out over the last week or so to give it a good clean, now back in with new sound deadening and its beginning to look quite sweet.  Only trouble is that the exhaust blow is getting worse but have located the problem as round the rear box (looks like its been welded before).  

Other than that its beginning to look pretty good, the paintwork is coming up rather well too which is handy.  I\'ll try and get some more piccies up soon (when I remember to take the digicam!)