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That would be awesome, not sure how we would manage getting there from Canvey Island Essex however!
I'll look into transport costs, really hope to make it and meet some people there

Be sure to come and say hello if you make it. BTW, I suspect some of the other guys bringing their rotary cars have NZ and/or Oz connections, one of them has a forum name of "KiwiDave"  :)

Awesome. Just saw this. I miss being back home aye! Hahah. From The Shore myself :). Leadfoot Festival looks wicked as also. Uncle? Does this mean what I think it does? :P Hahahaha

I went to Retro Rides as posted above. It's a pretty fun and relaxed day. Maybe next year aye! :)

Ha no way- from one of the bays?
Sorry super slow response living in a van quite different from rotary life...

Yup uncle Rod would be happy to provide tours if anyone ever wanted & we were actually in NZ too 😊

Hoping to get to Walter Frey's Mazda collection in Augsburg soon that's the next thing on the list!

Haha from Glenfield! Thats cool aye :)

It'd be amazing to go back home and have a tour! Just an expensive flight hahah. Will have to try and sort that out at some point though ;D. Definitely keen

Just checked out that collection you mentioned.. Whoa! :eek: There are some beauties there aye. Far out


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